Wellness Tourism New Unicorn for Thai Economy Covid Era

Wellness Tourism New Unicorn for Thai Economy Covid Era

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Before the spread of the COVID-19 virus, health care trends began to attract more and more people. and the spread of the virus becoming more and more a catalyst for health-loving trends all over the world because people began to realize One of the key ways to combat invaders is by keeping yourself healthy. It has the best quality shields. have higher immunity which to obtain these Requires discipline, knowledge, and maintenance. Always take care of our bodies. Because to get healthy, it takes time.

Another factor that makes health care more and more important is that many countries around the world are gradually entering an aging society. According to the United Nations (UN) in 2020, the global population aged over 60 years averages about 13.5%, or about 1,049 million people worldwide. and will increase to 21% or 2.1 billion by 2050 for Thailand According to the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council, in 2021, there are approximately 13 million elderly people over the age of 60, or about 20%, above the global average. And it is estimated that in the next 10 years, by 2032, Thailand will enter the highest level of aging society, with 28% of people over 60 years of age, which will certainly affect the country in a broader way. both the economic sector social sector and family level

"This is a big deal," said Dr. Amp - Dr. Tanupon Wirunhakarun, president of the Bangkok Association of Regenerative Medicine and Obesity Education Promotion (BARSO) and Chief Executive Officer of BDMS Well. Nest Clinic (BDMS Wellness Clinic) expressed concern. "Because when the elderly are more but fewer births The number of people of working age has decreased as well. to work harder to raise the whole family, not just the wife, husband and children, but also parents to the generations of grandparents."

In 2021, Thailand's birth rate is lower than the death rate. This has far-reaching implications. From small level to large level when the country has fewer people working The potential to advance the country will also be less. taxation Revenue collection will be less. have to rely more on importing labor from abroad So it's better If there is a health care plan for ourselves and the adults in the home to age more with quality healthy body no debilitating disease and can help themselves

Another factor that drives many people to turn to health care plans. Since I'm not sick It is a disease caused by our hands. also known as 'Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)', this group of diseases is a factor that encourages people around the world to turn to health care.

Dr. Amp explains that “Because NCDs are like silent killers that slowly creep in. Secretly hidden in various forms such as less sleep, accumulated stress. poor diet Unhealthy foods, such as foods that are very sweet, fatty, salty, processed meats, sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), trans fats, saturated fats, physical inactivity little movement to various toxic environments, alcohol, cigarettes and PM 2.5 dust."

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that in 2020, the number of deaths worldwide from NCDs is 71%, or 41 million people worldwide, and the WHO also reports that in 2019. Thai people die of NCDs as high as 76.58% more than the global average. That's equal to 351,880 people. "In simple terms, every hour, 44 people die from NCDs," said Dr. Amp.

NCDs or chronic non-communicable diseases It consists of various diseases that are mostly caused by many factors. Both genetics, environment and lifestyle, but things that can be adjusted by themselves From today is a 'lifestyle' depending on how we behave. NCDs include:

1. Ischemic stroke or Stroke This disease kills the Thai population number one in the family of NCDs 2. Diabetes 3. High blood pressure 4. Coronary heart disease 5. Many types of cancer 6. Diseases of the pathway Breathing and lungs and 7. The last disease is obesity.

With all of the above information, the "health care trend" is growing all over the world. The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) estimates the Global Wellness Economy has seen significant growth over the years. The global health market value in 2017 was $4.2 trillion per year, in 2019 it rose to $4.8 trillion, with an average growth of 6-7% every year. Years in a row for many years Until the time of the covid epidemic resulting in more difficult travel. Many countries have closed travel routes. Must stay in your own country for disease control As a result, the total value of the health business trend that has been growing for the past 10 years has dropped to $4.4 trillion in 2020.

Although the overall economic value has dropped, there are still 4 branches that continue to grow against the trend even during the Covid-19 epidemic.

1.Wellness Real Estate or real estate related to health matters Growing up in the year 2020 worth up to $275.1 billion. Increased 22.1% than the previous year, although during the epidemic of the coronavirus, foreign tourists were unable to travel. The hotel business is a business that is highly affected. But many real estates, both in hotels and residences. have adjusted myself to be more conducive to health Whether it's installing an air filter, disinfecting, or adjusting the place to be more conducive to the elderly That is the principle that makes this branch It grew globally to be number one in the healthcare sector by 22.1% in the past year.

2.Mental Wellness is a branch of mental health. stress reduction From quality sleep to meditation or other things that help to take care of the mind. a new born branch But growing quickly, the value in the past year 2020 has reached USD 131.2 billion, growing up to 7.2%, is another branch that grows against the covid trend because when there is an epidemic People are stressed Find a way to manage, control, or release stress. The sooner you take care of your mental health, the better.

3.Public Health, Preventive and Precision Medicine or the public health sector preventive medicine and personalized medicine Emphasis on preventive health checks Take care of your body before you get sick. in order to know the risk of disease and plan to take care of yourself as best as we can The store has grown globally by 4.5%, valued at US$375.4 billion in 2020.

4.Healthy eating, Nutrition and Weight loss are related to healthy food. Foods that are good for the body low fat diet low sugar diet low sodium diet weight loss diet Organic food in 2020, this branch is worth up to 945.5 billion US dollars. increased by 3.6%

All of these were four stores that grew despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The sector with the biggest drop in value was Wellness Tourism due to travel restrictions and epidemic control.

Wellness Tourism

Next, Dr. Amp will explore Wellness Tourism or health tourism. to create a detailed understanding what is health tourism

The value of Wellness Tourism in 2018 was $617 billion. In the following year, B.E. 2019 grew to $70.4 billion, or 8.1% per year, higher than the average overall value of all Wellness segments growing 6.4% per year. The market is smaller, to just $435 billion, a 39.5% drop, and it is estimated that in 2021 it will return to $652 billion. or return to grow 20.9%

Dr. Amp commented that "If you come back to open the country or the epidemic can be controlled the danger is reduced Opening the country to welcome tourists It will definitely help the trend of health tourism come back.”

According to assessments by the Global Wellness Institute, health tourism will return to grow by leaps and bounds From this year to many years with an average annual growth of 20.9% and the value of this store will exceed $1 trillion by 2024. Knowing this, Entrepreneurs can prepare themselves.

According to a 2018 report from the Global Wellness Institute, the growth rate of Wellness Tourism in Asia is the world's No. 1, growing 33% from 194 million trips to 258 million trips over two years. Like Thailand, which has been a leading tourist destination for many groups of tourists for a long time. Health tourism will be another important weapon that will help increase the potential of the tourism industry for the country. because it can attract tourists with high purchasing power have a long rest period And the average spending per trip is higher than that of the normal traveler. According to the Global Wellness Institute, health tourists have a per capita expenditure of about 50,000 baht per trip. Which is 53% higher than normal tourists. And of course, when the epidemic of COVID-19 is over, many countries will turn to push more on the health tourism market.

"Think about it. Thailand has many advantages if we can expand the tourism market base more. Incentivize tourists to come on vacation and spend more in our country. More money will flow into the economy as well. It can benefit the country in many sectors,” said Dr. Amp.

Data from Kasikorn Research Center, 2017. Thailand has 12.5 million health tourists per year, generating income from tourism up to 409,000 million baht, employment up to 530,000 people. Our country is ranked 4th in Asia in Health tourism, after China, Japan and India, has grown to the top 10 in the world and has the opportunity to climb further. If properly planned to accommodate health tourists from around the world Thailand also has other factors that attract health tourists to travel.

Research from John Hopkins University places Thailand 6th in the world or 1 in Asia out of 195 countries around the world. in terms of health security index

Thailand is a Medical Hub providing world-class medical services. and has a hospital with the highest JCI accreditation, ranked in the top 5 in the world, giving tourists confidence that if the unexpected happens The quality of medical care in Thailand can take care of him or his family.

Ranked 2nd in the world by voting as a target country that wants people who want to come to health tourism after Australia According to the rankings of the Wellness Tourism Initiative 2020

Bangkok is ranked number 1 in the world for places to work and travel. Also known as Workation from Holidu Magazine UK, followed by Chiang Mai and Phuket ranked 10th in the world.

Thailand is ranked 5th in the world by Money UK as the place most retirees want to live.

Bangkok is ranked No. 1 in the Best Cities of DestinAsian Magazine's Readers' Choice Awards 2022 survey.

Thailand has a strong point in terms of cultural identity, traditions, Thai dishes such as Massaman curry, tom yum goong, and papaya salad (CNN's list of the 50 best foods in the world). Organic agriculture, traditional massage, which is classified as Soft Power that can be used to promote the tourism sector. to attract people to travel to the country Thailand was ranked 35th from the Global Soft Power Index 2022 prepared by Brand Finance.

Although the definitions of health tourists differ in details from country to country, But the main part is similar, 'People who travel don't get sick', but also focus on health care travel. "May have to see a doctor. for health check check the fat level Blood sugar levels, fatty liver, food allergies or hacking the genetic code to see the risk of various diseases in the future Before returning to the country, he came to hear the results of the health check. Consult your doctor for a health care plan.” Dr. Amp explains to us more.

Some health tourists want to eat healthy organic food Local food with a story Entrepreneurs can increase the value of food from here. When food has a story will be interesting more appetizing Food must not be too sweet, salty, oily, or processed food. It should be a healthy food.

Some groups want to take care of them, reduce stress, relax their mental health. Thailand has many options. whether it is a meditation course Dharma practice, walking meditation, yoga, playing Tai Chi. to Thai massage, Thai traditional medicine, hot compress, all these things. can take care of the mental and physical health of tourists

Some tourists want to eat art. Learn the history, culture, temples and go into details of each place instead of visiting multiple places in one day. Need knowledgeable people or local people to tell about it, that's what it is called. health tourism as well because it is a relaxing tour not too rushed

some tourists Want to travel and find exercise activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, nature sightseeing, diving, boating or adventure? Some groups may want to experience the local lifestyle. Come to stay in a homestay and learn about the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the villagers closely. can relax in the midst of peaceful nature Escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. including health care with local wisdom Using herbs to soak in hot springs to increase blood circulation.

In addition to various activities health tourists Want a safe place to stay, such as one with handrails and non-slip mats in the bathroom. or at night There is an automatic light, when moving, the light will turn on by itself. Reduce the chance of tripping time to go to the bathroom The accommodation must have an defibrillator (AED) at various points. in the event of an emergency can save lives

Finally, Dr. Amp left a suggestion for entrepreneurs or those interested in planning to attract health tourists to try and adapt them to suit their own business.

1. Hotel sector, real estate, guest houses, accommodation

Collaborate with hospitals, clinics, hospitals to design services to meet the needs of health tourists. so that tourists can come to rest together with the annual physical examination Comprehensive health care Under the supervision of a specialist doctor and a professional team

Adjust the place to be conducive to health tourists to have handles and handrails in various places to prevent falls, such as in the bathroom, in the shower room, up and down the stairs. and have reflective stickers in different areas

Sensor type night light to prevent tripping Kick the table or bed

Adjust the anti-slip area, such as the bathroom floor, not to be too slippery. Reduce the space between the levels inside and outside the residence. Add a ramp for wheelchairs and make it more convenient for the elderly.

Beds, mattresses, pillows are available in different levels, hardness and softness according to the needs of the guests. Because some people have health limitations such as back pain, neck pain, or different preferences. Earplugs are distributed. Anti-noise Sunlight curtains prevent light from entering the room. make quality sleep healthy

In the case of multi-storey accommodation have an elevator installed Make it easier for the elderly to access

maybe additional equipment In-room exercises, such as weights, pendulums, bicycles, stationary treadmills, yoga mats, although exercising outdoors or in the gym is better. But sometimes guests may not be comfortable. Adding options to exercise in the room will be more interesting

Staff are trained to save lives. emergency heart pump Install an AED defibrillator for added safety. and save life

There are wheelchairs to serve the elderly.

Use products such as soaps and shampoos that are natural-friendly. chemical free

reduce the use of plastic for the health of the world Turn to use paper straws, glass bottles, etc.

2. various restaurants

Use locally sourced ingredients. It is a good quality product that is good for health such as vegetables, vegetables, grains, fruits, organic agriculture. derived from local wisdom

organic food group Free from pesticides and chemicals Can attract a lot of tourists in this group.

Cook healthy meals, reduce the use of excess sugar or salt, focus on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, healthy instead of fried foods, processed foods, processed meats, sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), which is dangerous for the health-conscious.

because health tourists Often a group of people with an average age of 50 years or more, known as the Silver age group, originates from hair that begins to be silver. Which is classified as an age with freedom, money and time. Restaurants can adjust the menu in larger letters. more pictures make it easy to read Nutrition data such as energy, fat, sugar and salt content is available, showing that it is a health-supporting restaurant.

3. Health tourism able to provide additional health services both physically and mentally

Physical tourism such as trekking, mountain climbing, diving, Tai Chi, boating or other adventures. This may supplement the visit to a doctor to draw blood on the first day of your visit. Then continue with physical activity on the next day of your stay.

Providing mental health care services such as meditation, walking meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi, where entrepreneurs can add value to all when health concerns are involved.

health spa services to relax the body and mind Operators can add health massage services. Such as Thai massage, international massage, hot spring bath, whirlpool, herbal steam or various skin care.

4. Historical tourism Create jobs for local communities ready to learn art and culture of the country classified as health tourism Because it's good for mental health as well.

5. Community-based tourism Learn the way of life of the villagers Tourists get to experience the local culture. Tourists can relax in the midst of peaceful nature. Escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

agricultural tourism Learn about the farming methods of the community. real experience of growing crops, raising animals and harvesting produce, such as experimenting with farming, plowing fields, collecting eggs from participating in various activities make tourists understand that How do plants grow? How to care for it, including seeing new things such as endemic vegetables local agricultural products

Homestay (Home stay) in terms of tourism, experience the way of life of the community. The tourists will live with the owner of the house. Experience the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the villagers closely. The landlord will welcome the tourists with a friendly manner. in the midst of a quiet rural atmosphere Prepare exotic local dishes It is a special experience from tourism.

6. Thai traditional medicine and Thai herbs Helping to enhance the quality of tourism and access to the aura of Thailand more, such as Thai massage, Thai compress balls, Thai herbs, health maintenance such as galingale, turmeric, gooseberry, kaffir lime, sweet basil and many other plants. which are all good for health or soaking in hot springs to increase blood circulation Mineral-rich mud masks for skin health, etc.

Finally, Dr. Amp emphasized that To do all of the above to be successful. and make Thailand a center for health tourism any one or any one agency can't do it alone requires the cooperation of all parties whether it is business entrepreneurs, academics, people, area owners or local people until the government sector including various policies They have to work together, each with different hands. pushing our nation attractive Let the whole world come to visit and get good health both physically and mentally.