TAT joins forces with the private sector to travel together, Phase 5

TAT joins forces with the private sector to travel together, Phase 5

menuqr.biz [28 Apr 2022] TAT joins forces with the private sector to travel together, Phase 5 - Travel Together Plus 2 million rights, ready to expand Thai travel tours until the end of the year 2022

TAT joins forces with the private sector – Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) revealed that to stimulate domestic tourism To achieve the target that Mr. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports, has set a target in 2022 that there will be 160 million Thais traveling to Thailand per time by offering the Covid-19 loan screening committee with Mr. Danucha Pitchaya. Nan, secretary-general of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDB) is the chairman.

This is for Thai people to travel to Thailand. Able to operate according to the goals that TAT has discussed with the private sector. To promote Thai people to travel in the country by taking the remaining amount from The project we travel together, phase 4, amounting to 4,000 million baht from the project, amounting to 2 million privileges that have been exhausted, but due to the budget that the government joins to pay for the room at 40% or not more than 3,000 baht per night, the project participants use the privileges on average only 1,200 per night. baht

For the project we travel together, phase 5, the amount of 1 million rights (rooms) still supports coupons to buy food and products. Including airfare as before and TAT will cooperate with the hotel to prepare We travel together plus another 1 million rights that each hotel will give a discount of up to 50% with the booking. The project can be carried out at all. because they do not need money from the government Combining the two projects, the total number of rooms is 2 million.

“The We Travel Together 5 project receives 1 million rights while still supporting coupons to buy food and products. including airfare as usual As for the project, we travel together plus. will be entitled to a discount on the room rate only And it depends on the willingness of each hotel to send the number of rooms to join the project. but totaling 1 million rooms as a promotion for customers better than leaving the room empty and will take this opportunity to help promote small hotels and boutique hotels as well.”

Mr. Yuthasak said that the Thai tourism project that expires on April 30 Ask to increase the number of rights used from the original 1 rights per person to 3 rights per person. The user has already been authorized to start counting the new rights. The same is true for tour companies that have already sold 1,000 packages. can return to start selling in a new project as well as to recruit more tour companies to join the project In this regard, it must be discussed with the Loan Screening Committee first.

In addition, the private tourism sector has offered to support the use of non-buses. This will be assigned to the TAT in each region to consider cross-regional travel projects with a distance of not more than 300 kilometers to implement.

“Now many countries are starting to accept tourists. and Thai people, especially those with high purchasing power Started to travel abroad, while TAT aims to encourage Thai people to travel in the country 160 million people / time or on average 12-14 million people / time per month, but at the beginning of last year, Thai people traveled. 52.68 million people-times, generating income of 240,600 million baht, an average of 10 million people per month/time, during the rest of this year, it must encourage more tourism than before, with the last 6 months of the year 2022 to be 107.31 million people/time revenue of 415,400 million baht to achieve the target set"